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Noosa Pickleball Club AGM - Aug 15 @ 10:30AM at Noosa Tennis Club

Please attend the AGM to:

  • vote in the new committee,
  • vote on the special resolutions to amend the clubs rules
  • raise any issues you would like the club to address

If you can't attend please - Send your apologies to the secretary and download the Proxy Form and provide it to the President or a like minded person to cast your vote.

Roles and Responsibilities as per Office of Fair Trading

Each nominee was asked for 2-3 sentences why they would like to be on the committee and what skills they would bring:

Nominees for Secretary:

Glenice Ault

  • Nominated by: Sally Buckley
  • Seconded by: Mark Latham-Callcott

I am a current Committee member and in the last 12 months my focus has been on developing different styles of competitive play for all levels of players. I successfully co-directed the Noosa Classic Tournament in May 2021 and ran multiple team round robins at the Noosa Leisure Centre and Noosa Tennis Centre. 

I was the inaugural Club Secretary when the club started in January 2019 and I initiated the Club's Incorporation at that time. I set up all the required governance and administration associated with the role and have 18 months experience. With my professional background in administration, my strengths are governance, risk management, a can-do attitude and not being afraid to ask the hard questions.

Miriam Brace

  • Nominated by: Lisa Hawkins
  • Seconded by: Margot Trendinnick

As a founding member of the NPC Committee and current secretary I bring my enthusiasm, work/life experience and love of the game to this role. I have the skills and time available to perform the role, and work very well with the president.

I am currently acting in the secretary role due to previous secretaries resigning to travel. All of the clubs documents and records are now all stored electronically. My work history is in project management, process management and automating business processes and systems. I am looking forward to assisting the club grow and meet its goals.

Nominees for Club Committee Roles

(In first name order)

Gina Foster

  • Nominated by: Miriam Brace
  • Seconded by: Lisa Hawkins
  • I bring with me experience in grant writing for not for profit organisations and believe that I would be a good voice for all the intermediate players who are looking to improve their pickleball skills.
  • As a committee member I bring my  experience from my roles (Secretary, Director and Committee member) on the Peregian Surf Lifesaving Club Committee for a number of years. Whilst at the surf club I was researching and writing grant applications for the PBSLSC.

Margot Tredinnick

  • Nominated by: Miriam Brace
  • Seconded by: Lisa Hawkins
  • As a founding member of the NPC I would like to become a committee member to further develop the Club and it’s goals.
  • I started playing at NLC Pickleball in January 2018 and was immediately addicted!   
  • I attended an IPTPA Level 1 Coaching course in 2019 and have helped the Bing’s and the Club teach many new players.
  • In March 2021 after attending the first Referee course In Australia, I was asked to become a member of the IFP Oceania Referee group, set up to coordinate Referee Training in Australia.
  • I am friendly, a good communicator, a problem solver, I can think outside the square and I’m always ready to lend a hand or a Paddle!

Mark Latham-Callcott

  • Nominated by: Lisa Hawkins
  • Seconded by: Miriam Brace
  • I see a very strong sense of belonging across our Club every time I play, something I feel that is so important to continue to develop as our Club grows and it will be vital to encourage that culture. I love what Pickleball Noosa brings to our Community!
  • Irrespective of what level of participation, it is key that you have that sense of belonging and also that other most important ingredient … having FUN!!! This is something that we should never take for granted and is our responsibility to ensure that we keep the fun going!
  • Coming from a strong business background, I believe I can apply a business perspective to help drive the best outcomes of our Club.
  • Our Club has grown enormously over the past 12 months and numbers will continue to grow. Strategy, leadership and open communication will play a massive part in achieving these goals, and I would love the opportunity to assist in any way I can!

Randal Hunt

  • Nominated by: Justin Hodgson
  • Seconded by: Mark Latham-Callcott
  • I have a strong interest in seeing the club achieve its goal of having purpose built pickleball courts. 
  • Having been a member of Noosa tennis club for ten yrs I'm offering my knowledge and ability to liaise between the two clubs.
  • I'll also bring a level of practical experience to negotiate and oversee , with an understanding of the building process for the project.
  • I enjoy the Pickleball club and people involved and I'm keen to assist in keeping the club a happy fun place.

Ron Gatliff

  • Nominated by: Bronwyn Taylor
  • Seconded by: Margot Tredinnick
  • I am an existing committee member up for reelection and believe it is an exciting time to be on the Noosa Pickleball Club Committee.
  • My goals are to help grow the game wherever possible and assist in any way to help the club achieve  its own purpose built facility.
  • My experience stems from being on the committees of several sporting clubs where I held many varied positions.

Sally Buckley

  • Nominated by:Glenice Ault
  • Seconded by: Mark Latham-Callcott
  • I am an active playing member and have assisted with tournaments, fundraising, "come and try" events for both adults and children.
  • I can add value to the committee having held extensive sales and marketing leadership roles with a large emphasis on commercial negotiations. 
  • I can contribute to the commercial side of the committee in growing membership, seeking promotion and sponsorship opportunities and assisting with the strategic development of the club.

Learn how to Play Pickleball

                Thursday Evenings      

Come and Try pickleball at Noosa Leisure Center (NLC), Wallace Park Noosaville.

           Sign-in from 5:50pm,               play from 6:00 to 7:45PM

          Pre register by calling the         Leisure Centre on 5329 6550

Watch this 2 minute video if you know nothing about pickleball 

Know your Pickleball Rules
  • All players should know the basic Pickleball Rules - Review them today
  • View the Rules PDF for 2021
  • Saying the Score prior to start play is important and a rule that is often missed. The score needs to be heard by the receiving team.

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Tournament Results:

Find out the Noosa Pickleball Club  team did in recent tournaments


Tournaments in 2021

Are you ready?

Find a partner or register and be assigned a partner and test your skills by entering tournaments in 2021

Australian Pickleball Championships 1/4 October 2021 (Newcastle NSW)

PanPacific Masters Games (Gold Coast) - Nov 6, 7 8 Currumbin QLD.

Pickleball Queensland and PAA

Pickleball Association Queensland has clubs and places to play throughout the state that host social play sessions from complete beginners to advanced players. Most clubs and venues provide paddles and balls to get you started and offer instruction on how to play pickleball. Some of the venues also offer pickleball coaching and drill sessions.

Pickleball Australia

The Pickleball Australia Association (PAA) was established in January of 2020 and is a volunteer not-for-profit organisation focused on nurturing the growth and development of pickleball Australia-wide.

PAA Vision:

We envision pickleball being played across Australia with the Pickleball Australia Association recognised as a National Sporting Organisation and acknowledged for its central role in linking together the pickleball players and community of Australia.

Events Calendar

Pickleball Etiquette

As a friendly reminder let's not forget the real joy of Pickleball is about having FUN.  The Noosa Leisure Centre (NLC) offers pickleball sessions five times a week.  The longer and more often people play, the better they get.  Although some sessions suit the more competitive players, every session at the NLC is a social recreational activity. People should feel good at the end of the session. Additional play is at the Noosa Tennis Club - which can be accessed via Meet-up.

If there are certain people you would really like to have a game with or play against, let them know. No one is so good they are above playing with anyone else. If you are taking a rest between games and you are invited to play, perhaps filling in as the fourth player, be polite if you really aren't up to it rather than snubbing the offer.

Intermediate (3.0) to Advanced (5.0) play Tuesday and Thursday Mornings
Our numbers are falling and we need to grow attendance in these time slots. To do this we need to be respectful, social and inclusive. We need to encourage the Friday and Sunday players who seek more challenging games to come and test their skills.

Thursday Nights are a great time to bring a friend to introduce them to pickleball. After a few Thursday nights they may have the skill to transition to the Tue/Thu or Sunday intermediate level sessions.    

When there are odd numbers – this is the time to train/practice by making use of the dinking game at the kitchen line to see who can get to 11 first. Or talk to the other two players to see if they want to play singles and doubles or any other combination.

Share the Love - everybody has to take their turn of being part of a 3 group when the numbers are odd. The 3.0 and 4.0 players take their turn and the 3.5 players need to also participate.

When there are even numbers – Get in the habit of playing mixed skill level games, e.g. 3.5+3.5 vs 4.0+3.0 or 3.5+3.0 and 3.5+3.0 etc. We all started at 3.0 and we have to give back to help level up the other players. To make this happen we all have to mix in and play with others of all skill levels.
Sunday Play at the Tennis Club is for 3.0 Intermediate players and above. The Sunday session is not for those who have never played before. We do however encourage those that have been playing for a while to come along. There is 7:00AM-9:00AM and another from 9:00AM-11AM. Playing outdoors is fun and different from indoors due to the wind and other environmental conditions.
Bashers (pickleball term for frequent hard hitters) – Hard hitters don’t always win. Many in our club would benefit from learning how to reset the point, take a hard shot and drop it back over the net with a soft dink, or by having the patience to create and remain in a dink rally. Practising extended dink rallies or a variation of this will help improve most people's game.
Slamming/Smashing – Smashing a winner feels great and is a very satisfying shot. However, especially in social/recreational play, the idea is not to slam the ball into your opponent but into the open space away from both players or at their feet so that it creates a difficult shot to return.

Tagging – Tagging is when you aim the ball at the opposition to make the shot very difficult, for example you might aim for the left shoulder. We should NEVER be aiming for somebody’s head. Accidents happen, when they do, don’t laugh and say what a great shot, apologise. Men should not be purposely tagging the weaker of the two opponents outside of tournament play.  In recreational mixed doubles it is totally uncool for men to be repeatedly smashing the ball at their female opponents.

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