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Noosa Leisure Centre (NLC) - Wallace Park Drive, Noosaville

NLC is now OPEN.

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Noosa Tennis Centre(NTC) -4 Girraween Ct, Sunshine beach

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Do you want to learn how to play pickleball? Contact to arrange an introduction session.

Learn how to Play Pickleball

Learn Pickleball Monday Nights under lights at Noosa Tennis Centre

Register: Meetup select Monday night.

Four or more? email and we'll host a come and try session for you and your friends.

OR indoors at NLC on Thursday Evenings      

Come and Try pickleball at Noosa Leisure Center (NLC), Wallace Park Noosaville.

           Sign-in from 5:50pm,               play from 6:00 to 7:45PM

          Pre register by calling the         Leisure Centre on 5329 6550

Watch this 2 minute video if you know nothing about pickleball 

Know your Pickleball Rules
  • All players should know the basic Pickleball Rules - Review them today
  • View the Rules PDF for 2021
  • Saying the Score prior to start play is important and a rule that is often missed. The score needs to be heard by the receiving team.
  • If play has started, the score can only be corrected at the end of the point (New rule in 2022)

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Pickleball Queensland and PAA

Pickleball Association Queensland has clubs and places to play throughout the state that host social play sessions from complete beginners to advanced players. Most clubs and venues provide paddles and balls to get you started and offer instruction on how to play pickleball. Some of the venues also offer pickleball coaching and drill sessions.

Pickleball Australia

The Pickleball Australia Association (PAA) was established in January of 2020 and is a volunteer not-for-profit organisation focused on nurturing the growth and development of pickleball Australia-wide.

PAA Vision:

We envision pickleball being played across Australia with the Pickleball Australia Association recognised as a National Sporting Organisation and acknowledged for its central role in linking together the pickleball players and community of Australia.

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Noosa Pickleball Club's Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct provides members, guests and visitors with guidance on the standards of behaviour that are expected of them while they anticipate in any Club sponsored activities e.g. Play at the NLC (Noosa Leisure Centre), Play at the NTC (Noosa Tennis Club) and any hosted club events e.g. round robins, tournaments, etc.

Review the Club's Code of Conduct

Pickleball Etiquette

As a friendly reminder let's not forget the real joy of Pickleball is about having FUN.  The Noosa Leisure Centre (NLC) offers pickleball sessions five times a week.  The longer and more often people play, the better they get.  Although some sessions suit the more competitive players, every session at the NLC is a social recreational activity. People should feel good at the end of the session. Additional play is at the Noosa Tennis Club - which can be accessed via Meet-up.

If there are certain people you would really like to have a game with or play against, let them know. No one is so good they are above playing with anyone else. If you are taking a rest between games and you are invited to play, perhaps filling in as the fourth player, be polite if you really aren't up to it rather than snubbing the offer.

Intermediate (3.0) to Advanced (5.0) play Tuesday and Thursday Mornings
Our numbers are falling and we need to grow attendance in these time slots. To do this we need to be respectful, social and inclusive. We need to encourage the Friday and Sunday players who seek more challenging games to come and test their skills.

Thursday Nights are a great time to bring a friend to introduce them to pickleball. After a few Thursday nights they may have the skill to transition to the Tue/Thu or Sunday intermediate level sessions.    

When there are odd numbers – this is the time to train/practice by making use of the dinking game at the kitchen line to see who can get to 11 first. Or talk to the other two players to see if they want to play singles and doubles or any other combination.

Share the Love - everybody has to take their turn of being part of a 3 group when the numbers are odd. The 3.0 and 4.0 players take their turn and the 3.5 players need to also participate.

When there are even numbers – Get in the habit of playing mixed skill level games, e.g. 3.5+3.5 vs 4.0+3.0 or 3.5+3.0 and 3.5+3.0 etc. We all started at 3.0 and we have to give back to help level up the other players. To make this happen we all have to mix in and play with others of all skill levels.
Sunday Play at the Tennis Club is for 3.0 Intermediate players and above. The Sunday session is not for those who have never played before. We do however encourage those that have been playing for a while to come along. There is 7:00AM-9:00AM and another from 9:00AM-11AM. Playing outdoors is fun and different from indoors due to the wind and other environmental conditions.
Bashers (pickleball term for frequent hard hitters) – Hard hitters don’t always win. Many in our club would benefit from learning how to reset the point, take a hard shot and drop it back over the net with a soft dink, or by having the patience to create and remain in a dink rally. Practising extended dink rallies or a variation of this will help improve most people's game.
Slamming/Smashing – Smashing a winner feels great and is a very satisfying shot. However, especially in social/recreational play, the idea is not to slam the ball into your opponent but into the open space away from both players or at their feet so that it creates a difficult shot to return.

Tagging – Tagging is when you aim the ball at the opposition to make the shot very difficult, for example you might aim for the left shoulder. We should NEVER be aiming for somebody’s head. Accidents happen, when they do, don’t laugh and say what a great shot, apologise. Men should not be purposely tagging the weaker of the two opponents outside of tournament play.  In recreational mixed doubles it is totally uncool for men to be repeatedly smashing the ball at their female opponents.

Summer is coming

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