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Do you know the rules for Pickleball

Stay up to date on the latest USAPA IFP Official Rules. As you don't know what you don't know. For example:

6.D.9. In doubles play, if one player calls the ball “out” and the partner calls it “in”, then doubt exists and the team’s call will be “in”.

7.0 The Ball is in flight and in play until it bounces. If a player touches the ball while the ball is in flight regardless of if the ball is out of the court then it is a foul and the other team gets the point.

 Introduction to Referee Training

Keep Out Of “No-Man’s Land”

Your strongest offensive position in pickleball is near the net, when you and your partner are at the “no-volley” line; evenly set up  feet just behind the line, perfect positioning to return the volley and/or ready to slow the game down.  

Many players get intimidated in this position,  especially new players,  since the ball comes right back at you so quickly with very little time to react. 

It’s easy to start  drifting back and end up in mid court, and if you don't consciously stop yourself from drifting , a bad habit can develop. The area halfway between the kitchen line and baseline is commonly called the  “No-Man’s Land”  both in tennis and pickleball for a good reason. You are at a huge disadvantage mid-court  because your opponents  have more time to react to your shots and you are opening up more angles for them to hit at.  You’ve also created a gap in front and behind you so they can get you with a well-placed dink or lob. Easier yet, they can just nail the ball at your feet or between your legs. 

So, while you may get a false sense of comfort playing at mid-court it is actually the weakest spot to be in. Move up to the no-volley line.  If you have to regroup move back to the baseline with your partner and try to drive them back – but whatever you do: Stay Out Of “No Man’s Land”!