The Noosa Doubles Classic registration is open.

Location: Noosa Leisure Centre, 9 Wallace Drive, Noosaville.

General Details

Tournament Levels - Both levels are available for players who have yet to experience the tournament settings and those who have played in multiple tournaments. If you are a tournament newbie review this quick check list. Select either option based on your skill level. Intermediate to Advance is for those at 3.5 or higher level.

  • Beginners to Intermediate (2.5 - 3.5 Level)
  • Intermediate to Advanced (3.5+ Level )*   Note*: Based on the number of entries into the Intermediate advanced Mixed Doubles it may be collapsed into two options - Select either the Open Division or 50+ Division (this limits the players in the 3.5+ to be over 50years)
  • Parking is available at the Noosa Leisure Centre.
  • The stadium water bubbler is available, so we encourage players to bring their own drink containers. Water and sports
    drinks are available at the stadium's canteen, along with other food and beverages.
  • All players and spectators will need to check in via the Noosa Leisure Centre QR code and follow all COVID Guidelines.


  • In consideration of being permitted to participate in any way in the Noosa Doubles Classic Tournament (“the Tournament”), I, for myself, my heirs or assigns, do hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Noosa Pickleball Club and its club members from liability from any and all claims resulting in personal injuries, accidents or illnesses (including death) and property loss arising from my participation in the Tournament.

Assumption of Risk.

  • Participation in the Tournament carries with it certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. The specific risks vary, but include 1) minor injuries such as bruises, sprains, and dehydration, 2) major injuries such as eye injuries, joint, bone or back injuries, heat stroke, heart attacks, and concussions, and 3) catastrophic injuries such as paralysis and death.  I have read the previous paragraphs and I know, understand, and appreciate these and other risks that are inherent in playing Pickleball. I assert that my participation is voluntary and that I knowingly assume all such risks.

Indemnification and Hold Harmless.

  • I also agree to indemnify and hold the Noosa Pickleball Club harmless from any and all claims, actions, suits, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including lawyer’s fees brought as a result of my involvement in the Tournament.

Use Permission.

  • I also give the Noosa Pickleball Club and its agents and designees permission to use or distribute, without limitation or obligation, my image, video footage, name, voice, and words for any purpose connected with the Tournament, including promotional, marketing, training, informational, and archival uses.
Registration Details
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Noosa Pickleball Club Round Robin at the Noosa Tennis Club

Winners of 2020 Round 1 Comp was team (E)

  • Glenice, Sally, Mark and Heath

Play Schedule - 2021 Feb

Week Date Teams Playings
1Feb 8 Cucumbers Vs Onions Cabbages Vs Radishes Beetroots vs Peppers
2Feb 15 Cucmubers Vs Cabbages Onions vs BeetrootsRadishes Vs Peppers
3Feb 22 Cucmbers Vs Radishes Onions vs PeppersCabbages Vs Beetroots
4Mar 1 Cucumbers Vs BeetrootsOnions Vs Radishes Cabbages Vs Peppers
5Mar 5 Cucumbers Vs Peppers Onions Vs CabbagesRadishes Vs Beetroots
FinalsMar 15Team in points lead plays 2nd team for Round Champion Team

Pickled CucumbersBruce Winter (c)
Vicki Crawford
Heath McHarg
Lisa Hawkins
Pickled OnionsRandal Hunt (C)
Mark Latham-Colcott
Miriam Brace
Lisa Murane
Pickled CabbagesGlenice Ault(C)
Paul Albion
Robyn Hungerford
Bron Harrison
Pickled RadishesDave Brinkly (C)
Sal Buckley
Rosyln Smart
Ev Allan
Pickled BeetrootsRon Gatliff (C)
Kate Rorrison
Sue McHarg
Ben Kearny
Pickled PeppersDave Harrison (C)
Ryan Gunthorpe
Jackie Kearny
Debbie Greef

TeamsRound 1Round 2
Win - Loss
Round 3Round 4Round 5Final RankingPts ForPts Against
Beetroots7 - 5 12 - 12 19 - 17 28 - 20 36 - 24 1 754 681
Onions9 - 3 16 - 8 22 - 14 22 - 26 33- 27 2 727665
Cucumbers3 - 9 13 - 11 21 - 15 24 - 24 31 - 29 3 736705
Peppers5 - 7 12 - 12 18 - 18 24 - 2429 - 31 4731712
Radishes4 - 8 9 - 15 13 - 23 25 - 23 29 - 31 5692 747
Cabbages8 - 4 10 - 1415 - 21 21 - 27 22 - 38 6652 782


Queensland Pickleball Championships Nov 27/29 2020



  • Glenice Ault & Debroah Rossi (Brisbane) - Women's Double Open
  • Glenice Ault & Debroah Rossi(Brisbane) - Women's Double Advanced All Ages
  • Vicki Crawford & Yuko Colthurst - Women's Advanced Intermediate Doubles 60+
  • Kate Rorrison and Jackie Kearney - Women's Doubles Intermediate 40+
  • Roslyn Smart and Bob Mitchell - Mixed Doubles Intermediate 60+
  • Alison Barlow (Brisbane) and Bruce Wheatley - Mixed Doubles Advanced Intermediate 50+
  • Peter Davies and Ron Gatliff - Men's Doubles Advanced Intermediate 60+


  • Christine Murphy and Roslyn Smart - Women's Advanced Intermediate 60+
  • Miriam Brace and Vinh Trong (Brisbane) - Mixed Doubles Advanced Intermediate 50+
  • Glenice Ault and Bruce Winther - Mixed Doubles Advanced 50+
  • Randal Hunt and Mark Latham-Callcott - Men's Doubles Advanced 40+


  • Miriam Brace and Sal Buckley - Women's Advanced Intermediate 40+
  • Glenice Ault and Bruce Winther - Mixed Doubles Open
  • John Murphy and Christine Murphy - Mixed Doubles Advanced Intermediate 50+
  • Sal Buckley and Mark Latham-Callcott - Mixed Doubles Advanced Intermediate 16+
  • Bruce Winther and John Murhpy - Men's Double Open
  • Bruce Wheatley - Men's Singles 50+

Noosa Pickleball Club Gender Doubles 10 October, 2020 (World Pickleball Day)




Location: Noosa Leisure Centre

9 Wallace Drive, Noosaville (Opposite the Noosaville Library)


Brisbane Doubles Open (BDO)  Tournament Results Sept 2020

Open Advanced

  • 19+ Gold Women's
    • Glenice Ault (NPC) and Deborah Rossi (Brisbane Pickleball Club)
  • 19+ Silver Mixed
    • Glenice Ault and Bruce Winter (both NPC)

60+ Intermediate

  • Women's Gold
    • Ros Smart and Christine Murphy (both NPC)
  • Men's Gold
    • Ron Gatliff (NPC) and Ken Solomons (Caloundra)
  • Mixed Gold
    • John Murphy and Christine Murphy (NPC)

50+ Intermediate

  • Mixed Gold
    • Yuki Colhurst and Ron Gatliff (Both NPC)
  • Mixed Sliver
    • Miriam Brace (NPC)and Vihn Truong (Brisbane Pickleball Club)